Learn Improv


No Experience Required

You really should do this...  just try it.  We can guide you through some basic thought patterns that will make scenes come to life with far less effort than you think. If you can just trust and live in the moment, we can help you be a great improviser! And yes, we really do make it all up on the spot. 

If you are 18 or older you are Welcome to Join/Audition

We welcome all, but may find the need to audition for spots in our group since we do not have unlimited space. These auditions will NOT be totally based on prior Improv skill but more on your ability to take direction and great attitude. The age requirement is negotiable if you the parent would like to join also. We do ask that the child should be of High School age at least.

Benefits of Learning Improv

There is some good science to show that learning Improv can...

  • Help social skills, alleviate anxiety, improve listening skills, and even relieve stress
  • Develop one's creativity, mental flexibility and thinking skills 
  • Foster your imagination and ability to generate new ideas
  • Give you the ability to detach from any expectations and set ways of thinking and acting

Some Favorite Short Form Games

Press Conference - A fake press conference guessing game

Late for Work - Another guessing game

Poet Laureate - Jibberish interpreted by another player

#Hashtags - Tweets one word at a time

One word story - Players tell a story one word at a time

Random LInes - Players need to incorporate randome lines into a scene

Long Form

A more artistic form of improv where stories come to life in a "so true it's funny" way that it will amaze you. All based on audience suggestions.