We think we’ve found real help for adults with Aspergers!

Luke (who co-founded this group) was diagnosed with Asperger's when he was young. Doing children’s theater was really beneficial for him. Once he turned 18 it was hard for us to find places to get more help. So, he and his Dad signed up for improv classes both grew from the experience. We’ve had several members with Asperger's and all involved would tell you how helpful it’s been. 

We feel like we’ve discovered something amazing, and we want to share this treasure with the world. The science of what we are doing can be explained in a simple way. People with Asperger's have a high sensitivity to external stimulus causing the brain to go into what is known as “defense mode”. It’s really hard to learn and develop in “defense mode”. Imagine trying to study for a test while you are swatting at bees. If we can create a fun environment that involves practicing social situations we can unlock learning and development.